About Fifth Element Images

Fifth Element Images offers maternity and newborn photography services to expectant and new parents who are looking to capture a fleeting moment in time before it's gone.  Whether you are waiting for baby to come and want to celebrate your pregnancy, or you want to have images to represent memories you are creating within the first few days of bringing baby home, we focus on capturing spectacular images that can be appreciated for years to come.

Let's honour and celebrate your growing family!

About the Photographer

I'm Ferenaz Lalji and I am passionate about photography.  What has always drawn me to photography is that the images captured tell stories of a specific moment in time.  They evoke emotions.  They bring back memories.  They reflect us in the moment.

I am the mother of two beautiful girls and together with my husband, we make a pretty happy family.  Anyne who knows me knows that family is the core of who I am.  As a child, I grew up with loads of uncles, aunts, cousins and family friends around me. And I loved all of it.  The value of family was somehting that I was grateful to have in my life.

I started newborn and maternity photography five years ago because family is so important to me and this is the time when family begins for so many expectant and new parents.  I feel every person and every picture in my heart.  It brings me the greatest joy to create something that is meaningful to others.

This is a time to honour and celebrate your family and it is my pleasure to help you do just that.

Why Fifth Element?

After water, fire, earth and wind, spirit is known as the fifth element or quintessence.  No matter who are or what your circumstances, every one of us is unique and authentic.  It's who are you are and who I look to reflect in your images.

I take care to meet with you personally and discuss exactly what your vision is for your photos to ensure they really capture both your personality and the beauty of growing your family.

We take care to look after both you and your family to make the photo session as smooth, comfortable and enjoyable as possible.  We also know that the safety of your baby in newborn sessions is of utmost importance.  As a newborn photographer, I have been trained and have the experience necessary to make sure your little bundle is safe and secure in all of the poses.

Express your quintessence...it's you as you are.

Shoot Locations

My home-based studio is a beautiful open space with natural lighting and great for shooting you or your new baby because there is plenty of space to settle into the session.  As a private, separate space away from the rest of the house you can be assured of privacy so you can fully relax.  You can feel free to cozy up on the sofa next to the fireplace.  And there is food and hot and cold drinks within easy reach so you can help yourself anytime.

When I say 'mi casa su casa' I meant it.

If you would prefer to shoot on-site in another location, we can talk through a few options.  If you have ideas that is wonderful.  If not, I can make suggestions.