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Birth Photography Model Call – limited time offer

Birth Photography Photographer Toronto - Brampton - Greater Toronto Area

Birth Photography

This is not a “Call the Midwives” event!
We live in times when women are taking more interest in how their babies are delivered and men are actively participating in the birthing process.  There is no “behind-closed-doors” event like a scene from “Call the Midwives”. I’m so glad that we are more comfortable with the birthing experience today. Such a miraculous event should be celebrated and shared.

A tangible memory bank
You want a collage of experiences – from the moments of your baby making body, after your baby arrives into the world to the birthing experience itself.

What is Birth photography?
Birth photography is story telling of the moments that lead up to baby’s arrival and afterwards.  Moments of you when you summoned up the strength and courage to keep going after you believed you had reached your limit.  Moments when your partner expressed love, care and appreciation for what you were enduring to deliver your baby. Moments when your support team stepped in.  And finally, the moment when your baby first arrived into the world and the expression on your face and on your partner’s face when you first laid eyes on your newest family member!  

Putting visuals to your surreal moment.
The birthing experience is when you allow your body to do what it needs to do, when you trust and when you let go of any conscious control.  An experience in your life when you operate from a sub-conscience place and when things feel surreal. When it’s over, you might wonder how it all happened.  Having professional photographs of your birthing story is a wonderful way to relive all the details.  

Birth Photography is is an experience you and your partner share, so be fully present for it!
Let a professional photographer capture the raw emotions of your birthing experience so you can focus on being present.

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What’s involved?
I want you to feel comfortable having me in your birthing space.  We’ll meet in person so we (1) get to understand your needs (2) learn about your birthing plan and (3) show you what you can expect from me.

The fine details
The model call includes 50-100 fully edited digital images in black and white digital files.  The regular cost of a birth photography session is $1500 and I’m offering it for only $500. Because this is a model call, I’ve significantly reduced the cost by 65%+ savings!

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Limited Offer!
The memories of your birth experience can stay with you forever with timeless photographed images of your family.  Take advantage of this limited time offer which expires August 31, 2019 and only 5 spots available!   Priority given to moms due between August and September 2019.

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Whether you are looking for a little inspiration or a little more information about what I do, this is a great place to start!